Construction engineering

We specialise in comprehensive execution of projects and development of wastewater pre-cleaning and pumping stations. Long-term experience of our engineers guarantees an effectively designed and executed pumping station. Depending on the needs of the investor, we are able to complete the necessary calculations taking into account the volume of wastewater, the frequently non-advantageous terrain, buildings and geological structure of terrain. Based on such a report, we start the design process of the pumping station with appropriate parameters that will ensure proper functioning of plant-integrated wastewater treatment plants.

SJ Construction offers development and modification of process lines at waste management plants. We prepare complete designs of plants as well as modifications of existing lines. We ensure delivery and assembly of technical fittings as well as consultations, technical services and maintenance.

We carry out:

We design and implement toilet cleaning (sucking) systems for trains. We specialise in fixed and mobile systems adjusted to various types of trains.